The group includes:

Investment company “Century Investment Group”, Construction company ”Century Construction”, logistics and cargo transportation company “Century Transportation”, development and installation of eco-elements and solutions in the field of renewable energy “ThermoGuru”.

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Completed projects



Seattle, WA, USA

Head Office

Century Construction

Our buildings in Moscow

Since 2005, our company has built more than 30 residential buildings (with the height from 12 to 25 floors) in Russian cities such as Moscow, Reutov, Podolsk, Balashikha, Troitsk.

our houses in Russia

In the United States (Seattle, Olimpia, Tacoma, Renton, Bonnie Lake), in 2014, we have built and renovated 25 residential properties (houses and townhouses).

our houses in USA

Our headquarters is located in Seattle, WA, USA.
The campuses of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Adobe, Nintendo and many other Internet magnates are also located in Seattle. And all these companies continue to actively hire new employees from around the globe who bring their families with them.
The City of Seattle and the surrounding cities have changed status of a number of areas to new one, allowing the construction of several small houses (multifamily units), each starting at $ 600,000, where there was only one house for one family in one plot of land.

In the construction field we run two types of projects:

1. Full cycle of private houses construction, townhouses and condominiums

(cycle time: 12-18 months)

  • Acquisition of land for further construction
  • Acquisition of insurance for land and full construction cycle
  • Obtaining construction (licences/permits) from the City/State authorities
  • Conducting surveys for further construction
  • Creation of architectural drawings/projects
  • Demolition of existing architecture
  • Preparation of a site for construction
  • Complete construction of houses with internal and external decoration
  • Sale or let of the constructed objects

2. Reconstruction and sale of housing

(cycle time: 2-4 months)

  • Search for houses in the sector with a high cost of property
  • Purchase of houses in neglected condition
  • Land insurance and the full cycle of reconstruction of housing
  • Reconstruction which includes a reinterpretation of external and internal finishes
  • Construction of extensions, etc.
  • Sale or let of reconstructed objects

We offer you to invest in property in the United States.


Decent investment with high liquidity in real estate in the US with the profitability of 14% per annum + partnership program

The official funds withdrawal under the terms investment contract is possible in any country of your choice.

We provide assistance in opening a personal bank account in the United States (a separate service), where you can transfer the return on investment(ROI) and investment income.

Tax optimization in order to avoid double taxation.

Why us?

download a PDF with our financial reports on previous construction projects.


every step of construction is insured according to the law of Seattle, WA, USA.


we sign a contract allowing you to always track the movement of funds in your account.

Need guarantees?

On the invested money we acquire the property and land on which this property is located.
Our construction is supported by the bank. Acquisition of land and construction itself must be and is insured in accordance with US law.

Investment Procedure

1. Preparation period

Attention! This offer is only for the Netizens VIP partners.
You can get the VIP package here:

  • Discussion of the conditions in place Moscow / Seattle (or via online meeting). We recommend to take a look at our buildings personally.
  • Conclusion of the contract (investment agreement).
  • Approval of terms and conditions. Schedule of payments.

Table of amounts and life expectancy of the project:

Amount of investment Project duration Annual %
from $5,000 to $10,000 12 months 8
from $10,000 to $20,000 12 months 10
from $20,000 24 months 14

Payments are made at the end of scheduled investment period according to developed payment plan.

2. Payment and construction

  • The payment is full amount or according to the payment schedule under the contract in accordance with US law.
  • Providing a report to the investor in the personal account and through the application for mobile devices

3. Completion of construction

  • Sale of the property

Investment withdrawal procedure

  • Return of investment plus profit
  • Payment of taxes on income received
  • Transfer to any account in any country, reinvestment, transfer to your account in an American bank.

* According to the international agreement on avoidance of double taxation, signed in 1992, all taxes on income are paid 1 time at the place of receipt, that is, in our case – in the United States and are not subject to re-taxation in the territory of Russia and other countries. Link – an article from the legislation.


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